Limitless possibilities and capabilities, because it is an open system that can connect to any other system.

Advanced, because it uses the most modern software technologies for development of enterprise level system for web access and deployment on site or in the cloud.

Powerful, because it solves multiple information management problems, such as:

  • search in parallel across different information sources, specialized systems, websites, and feeds
  • large files transfers
  • storage management problems
  • shared and related data problems

Intelligent, because at its core lies an innovative way for user-definable automation of processes and data collection, manipulation, modification, presentation and storage.

Single system that allows accessing the myriad of systems connected to it through a consistent user-friendly interface.

Today, more than ever before, organizations need the support of user friendly and flexible high-end technological solutions to increase their productivity, effectiveness and quality. Unlike other technology producers who aim to tie up their clients with single vendor dependencies, we offer the freedom to dynamically benefit from a variety of industry-specific technologies while retaining the advantages of using a single system.

Ivanka Vassileva
Profuz Digital CEO and Co-Founder
In my work over the years, I came across and observed the need of many clients for a business management system with fast deployment, user friendly configuration, “zero” learning curve and quick adaptation. I wanted to design a system which adapts to the business instead of vice versa. I wanted to provide to the smaller entities the benefits of the advanced enterprise level systems. Reducing critical resources such as time, qualifications and maintenance throughout the whole life-cycle of the system makes that possible. This is why and how I designed LAPIS.

Kamen Ferdinandov
Profuz Digital CTO and Co-Founder

Inside Profuz LAPIS


The design and philosophy behind Profuz LAPIS software and implementation model gives us the freedom and flexibility needed for the dynamic of our business.

Lyubomir Chochov
Operations Manager at Doli Media Studio
“Profuz LAPIS was the perfect match for us to combine a Media Asset Management with our specific internal workflows. Profuz Digital's team has provided a strong support all along the project in order to customize the product according to our specifications and to make it a powerful solution, yet very user-friendly for our collaborators and partners."
Maxime Woimant
Chief Technology and Information Officer at CANAL+ Myanmar FG
“Jornal do Centro decided to go with the Profuz LAPIS solution for several reasons. Firstly, the user-friendly interface and user permissions features in LAPIS,  along with its CRM functionality appealed to the team. Secondly, they were also impressed with the Profuz LAPIS’ team’s openness to develop further specific functionalities uniquely for each customer. Thirdly, they also felt it was a real advantage to have Pantalha’s support team at their disposal."
Pedro Jervis
Solution Architect at Pantalha, Portugal