Web access

Access the system directly from your browser: Chrome, Fire Fox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mobile (Android, iOS).

Workflow management

Design, Build, Run flexible business processes: built-in editor for automatic workflows. Internal and external operations can be used to trigger actions. Configurable UI forms for user- dependent steps.Import of BPMN workflows.


Intelligent search mechanism. Taxonomic and faceted Categorizations.

Parallel search in all connected systems with unique real-time result updates and live collaboration for search sessions.Structured, free form, alternative faceted searches. Search queries and filtering with free text search. Tags, keywords, categories, folders, containers.

Live Collaboration

Every element in the System can be edited, reviewed, discussed, approved, shared or otherwise managed collaboratively through the Live Collaboration feature.


Tasks and projects management

From To Dos and simple tasks to complex project management. Calendar,Gantt, Chart, Kanban. Projects, sub-projects, tasks, sub-tasks. Create, monitor, update, link and assign tasks and projects at every stage based on rules and user rights.

Content management

Video, audio, image, subtitle files supported. Automatic and/or manual file ingest via upload, transfer from/to connected FTP/S, SFTP, NFS, WebDav, DropBox, S3,etc., or hot/watch folders direct access. Transformations/transcoding, partial extracts, online video and subtitles editing, video markers, video chunks, empty video assets. Metadata extraction. Automatic proxy creation. Watermarking and Encryption. Creation of multiple transcoding profiles. Automatic transcoding processes monitoring.Storyboards with videos, audios, images, texts, news creation and export to various tools such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, LightWorks, Davinci Resolve, Photoshop, etc.Text dictation and voice commands. Audio recording.

Contacts management

Leads, prospects, clients, partners, suppliers and employees details are protected, under your own control, updated in real time and accessible from anywhere. Multiple ways of categorization of affiliate and external individuals and companies. Additional custom classification tools such as tags, categories, folders, parameters. Sales, marketing and financial attributes support. History of interaction and changes. Import/Export of databases.

Sales management

Deals and quotes tracking, management and statistics. Real time reports in the form of charts or tables per period, sales person in charge, stage, due date, payment terms, payment method, etc. Automatic quote generation in PDF format based on one or multiple templates. Sending of quotes as attachments directly from the system.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Vendors and Resources Management. Purchasing Quotes, Orders and Invoices Tracking. Contracts, Finances and Logistics orchestration. Inventory Management. Complete procurement lifecycle from initiation to completion.Reporting and Statistics.

Document management

Secure document storage, online preview, multi-user editing, approval and custom document workflows are just a few of the advantages.Multiple formats such as doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx,txt, odt, etc. are supported. Watermarking of documents.

User/Group management

Powerful and flexible user and group management. Multiple internal and external authentication and authorization systems (internal, LDAP,etc.). Multiple external accounts per user are possible. Object based access rights down to individual property. Unlimited users, user groups and user roles. 


Activity Stream and Change Log

Unified live update feed where all the changes and new additions in the system are recorded.

Email and in the app notifications

Predefined and customer specific notifications.

Internal secure real time communication

One to one and group chats, descriptions and comments.


Create custom modules or extend an existing one. Complete freedom to configure the system to adapt to your business specifics. Multiple predefined views, dashboards, themes and layouts to choose from. Possibility for branding the system with your own company logo and look.