Lifetime Software Licensing Bundles





Workflow management and automation

Intelligent search mechanism

Inventory management ( stocks, warehouses, products and services management)

Statistics and Reports

Real Time Communication and Notifications
(private and group chats, comments, email and in app notifications)

(external and affiliate individual and company contacts management)

Commercial Management
(sales and purchasing deals, quotes, orders, invoices management)

Projects and tasks management

User management
(user and group access control)

Live collaboration

Data versioning

Metadata localization

Document management
(docs, doc, odf, pdf, txt etc.)

Media asset management
(automatic content handling, video, audio, subtitles, images, program scheduling, playlist creation and export, storyboards creation)

News feed management





Unlimited users & data
(limited only by available resources)


Single Company

System initial setup

Configuration and training

Up to 3 days remote

Up to 7 days remote

Up to 10 days remote

Workflow Definitions
Published custom workflow definitions included into the license

Standard default workflow definitions are not counted. Custom workflow design services are not included

Up to 1

Up to 6

Up to 12

Cloud or on premise deployment

Processing Interconnection Nodes (PIN)
Connections to external systems and devices

Device and system integration not included

Up to 3

Up to 6

Up to 12

System Data Profile

Create custom data types in addition to the default ones

Up to 5

Up to 10

Up to 20

Multi-channel assignment
For modules allowing to manage more than one channel* such as MAM, News, etc.

* Channel refers to TV Channel, News Publishing Channel, Social Media Channel, Radio Channel, etc.

Up to 1

Up to 5

Up to 10

Additional processes
(parallel running instances for data transformation, movement etc.)

Up to 5 Local

Up to 10 Local or Remote


(limited only by available hardware)

Data server instances
(main, redundant, load balancing)



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